35 x 4’x8’ stage decks

2 x adjustable stairs with railing

13 x 8’ railing

30 x Stage frame with screw jack

30 x Frame brace

12 x Node 1

22 x Node 2

16 x Node 4

5 x stage carts (each holds 6 decks)

6 x 24’x16” stage skirt

8 x 24’x24” stage skirt

5 x 24’x48” stage skirt

28 x 6” single leg

88 x 12” single leg

56 x 15” single leg

32 x 17” single leg

64 x 24” single leg

14 x Double Stage legs with locking wheels, 9"(for rolling risers)

19 x Single Stage legs with locking wheels, 9" (for rolling risers)

14 x Single Stage legs with locking wheels, 4" (for rolling risers)


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Complete Stage Package


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